I’m Rob Barnett. I’m a media headhunter and an advisor. I’ve worked in some of the best media companies in the world – the majors – and my own media company – My Damn Channel – which we ran for ten years. 
Whether it’s been in radio, television, film, online video, or podcasting – I’ve always believed that the number one thing needed inside every company to be successful is the magic that happens when you have the best people in the right jobs. 
And that’s why we’ve built this new, wackily-named company:
Rob Barnett Media.
In one door – the Presidents, the CEOs, the hiring managers of the best companies in the world.
And in the other door – Media Pros – the people with the most experience – the best brains – who are available now at the right price to get the job done.
So thanks for being here. Let me know how to help you make this service as great as it can be. And onward we go.