About Brent Cohen

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Create products. Build brands. Drive revenue. That’s what I do. Operator. Marketer. Entrepreneur. I *produce* results.
My record of turning ideas into reality as the leading operator in management teams at both publicly traded and privately held companies, including startups, will prove invaluable as they grow. I have been the principal driver of innovation (product development), messaging, and mass market adoption delivering new products into untapped markets in North America and Asia (joint ventures, M&A, acquisition/licensing, strategic marketing and distribution partnerships) for most of my professional career.
One of my strengths has been in value creation through carefully cultivated brand management and product development. Trace that directly back to my days running political campaigns where failure was not an option. I’m a man of (by necessity) many talents. Just looking for a good place to put those talents and years of experience to work.
Internationally recognized marketer, executive, advisor, connector, strategist, entrepreneur, and operator turning ideas into reality. Proven record of success as the leading operator of management teams in both publicly traded and privately held companies, including startups. Driver of innovation, messaging, and mass market adoption for companies, issues, and causes. Catalyst delivering new products into untapped markets in North America and Asia (joint ventures, M&A, acquisition/licensing, strategic marketing and distribution partnerships).

Career spans traditional and digital with a fairly deep understanding of technology. Political media strategist producing 100’s of TV ads and 1000’s of radio spots in nearly every state for over a decade. Moved from DC to LA to build first websites for dozens of brands while helping to develop many of the performance marketing best-practices in use today. Pursued, closed, partnered with and produced advertising for many of the world’s best clients including Coca-Cola, Amazon, Baidu, Estée Lauder, P&G and Unilever, thousands of local businesses, hundreds of US politicians, three US Presidents, and one Pope (now a Saint).

Leadership role at several companies that achieved highly successful exits. Co-founded five companies that combined have raised over $500 million with the most recent being the WAX token generation event (Nov. 2017) netting $150+ million.

Team Impakt (my consulting practice) projects include crowd-funded and venture-backed startups, global multinationals, and international brand, agency, and technology firms. Our services include:

✮ Advocacy
✮ Advertising
✮ Branding
✮ Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
✮ Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Capital Markets & Distributed Ledger Technologies
✮ E-Commerce
✮ Fundraising
✮ Government Affairs
✮ Media Planning
✮ Omnichannel Marketing
✮ Product Development
✮ Public Relations
✮ Public Affairs
✮ Software as a Service

Examples of work done between 2017 and mid-2019:

  • Print
    • The WAX white paper was written by a team but edited by me and put together by a graphic design team under my direction.
    • Created a market survey that generated a fun infographic that we turned into a video. All this generated a ton of inbound press inquiries and was done in coordination with the outside PR team that I led
  • Videos
    • I created this video for general audiences and another video for crypto audiences. These were heavily promoted on social media — Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, VK (Russia), Telegram, QQ (China), KakaoTalk (Korea) — and translated into a half dozen languages.
    • I put together a fan-created video contest which produced a bunch of great viral content. This one and this one were my favorites and generated a ton of traffic to our sales information site (which was also translated into a half-dozen languages).
    • I produced dozens of quick-hit viral videos for Facebook and other media platforms.
    • We created our own influencer, Devi Omega (anagram of “video game”), and used him to introduce WAX more natively via his video posts (Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4).
    • While I had the video crew, we created a video opener for branding and recruiting that the company is still using at job fairs.
    • Finally, this big-budget promotional video was unveiled at ComicCon 2018. CEO spoke on an Esports panel and we had a large exhibit booth.
  • Decks (WAX and others)
    • WAX token sale decks have been removed from the internet so I cannot share those. Here is a partnership deck I did for them last year.
    • This company’s pitch deck resulted in a successful investment and brought in several strategic partners.
    • This company won a pitch contest with my deck.
    • I am the Board Secretary and co-founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), a 501c(6). Our membership deck is the most recent nonprofit example I have to offer.


  • American University

    Bachelor of Science with Honors - Double Major: Political Science & International Relations

    ✮ Graduated with honors and special Dean\'s Award for Scholarship. ✮ Double major in Political Science (School of Public Affairs) and International Relations (School of International Service). ✮ Member of the first Joint Congressional/Parliamentary Internship with Leeds University, UK. Spent Fall 1983 interning in US Senate and Winter 1984 as intern to Parliament in London.