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  • Industry Branded EntertainmentEducationFilmMarketingMediaTelevision
  • Sector Branded ContentBranded EntertainmentConsumer MarketingCorporate CommunicationsCreative ServicesMarket CommunicationsSocial ImpactFilm ProductionArt Direction
  • Preferred Job Title Brand DirectorCreative DirectorFilmmakerProducerSenior Producer
  • Companies MTV, ESPN, Nike


I am an experienced and passionate storyteller who has mastered the art of creating artistic, inspiring short-form videos. I have decades of experience interviewing world class athletes, celebrities, ex-convicts and entrepreneurs and am highly skilled at extracting critical content as well as unexpected angles and responses. This talent, in combination with strong visual, conceptual and editing skills results is deeply genuine, dynamic, engaging video content. My work has been featured on national and international tv, in retail locations across the country, at film festivals, annual sales meetings and in front of 10,000 Nike employees.

My track record of success can be evidenced by accelerated, lofty promotions and over 30 international awards. My clients and co-workers have shared their personal enthusiasm for my work via long-term relationships and heart-felt, humbling testimonials (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dinagruenfeld/). Some of my more notable accomplishments include working directly with Phil Knight to write, direct and produce a feature-length video tribute for Nike’s 25th anniversary, leading a multi-disciplined team of creative talent through a Niketown media redesign and receiving a World Humanitarian Gold Award, for a film I directed, edited and produced about death and dying.

After many years of success as a business owner and creative entrepreneur, I am immersed in an active search for a full-time role where I can continue to pursue my passion for creating dynamic, engaging video content and supporting businesses that are  working towards innovation and meaningful change.



Dina Gruenfeld

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