About jennylmccoy

  • Industry Branded EntertainmentEducationDigitalComedyAdvertisingMarketingMedia
  • Sector Acquisition MarketingGrowth MarketingSocial MediaStrategy
  • Preferred Job Title Director Of MediaCMO (Chief Marketing Officer)CDO (Chief Digital Officer)ConsultantCopywriterProduct Marketer
  • Companies MTV, IFC, Adaptly


If you’ve ever seen a Portlandia GIF, I probably made it. After writing thousands of tweets and hundreds of strategy decks, I’ve gotten really good at cutting through the phony promises of the early internet — free followers! more fans! engagement! — to create marketing strategies that really work.

Most of my career has been blueprint-free. I was the first social media lead for MTV News. With free range, a little direction and zero budget, I doubled our following in the first two months. At IFC, I was the first dedicated social media lead and continued a track record doing big things with limited resources. My favorite? We handed the Portlandia Twitter account over to a feminist bookstore and let them live tweet the Super Bowl. This made for a great story, industry awards — and an overnight audience growth of 70%.

I learned so much in the trenches of one-person-does-it-all network jobs, but my work at agencies like Arnold and Adaptly challenged me to connect strategy directly to revenue — paving the way for the work I’ve done for dozens of clients as a consultant. As Director of Marketing at Sketchbook Skool, I’m expanding my skills to include search expertise, email marketing and site performance, and I love that this role allows my to pair up my marketing skills with a mission I care about. That gets me pumped to wake up each morning.

I’m still working on recording my name more confidently at the beginning of conference calls. But let’s get in touch anyway.