Chief Content Officer

Full time Confidential Chief Content Officer

Job Detail

  • Experience 8 Years +
  • Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree

Job Description

From Rob: I am inspired to help fill this confidential job. I don’t have the exclusive on the placement, but I’m going to present the very top candidates asap.

  • You must have over 15 years of experience in multichannel content leadership as a senior executive.
  • You need print or broadcast journalism to be considered. Speaking multiple languages is a big plus.
  • Lead strategy and production of stories that educate about criminal justice reform and inspire meaningful action.
  • You will be a senior executive with a world-class, high-profile leadership and founding team.
  • You will evangelize a creative and innovative culture with input and insight from staff at all levels.
  • Seek out compelling human stories with an emphasis on social and digital platforms.
  • Identify strategic distribution partners.
  • Support legislative campaigns in states to change policies and laws.
  • Develop and lead an original content strategy that may include podcasts, partnerships with commercial ventures for television and film, and more.
  • Led the communications team.
  • Opportunities to represent the company with partners, influencers, donors, board members, and, at times, as a spokesperson.
  • Production and Editorial for short-form and long-form, leading a team of producers, editors, content strategists.
  • Experience hiring, managing, performance reviews, compensation packages, etc. required.
  • Marketing and branding expertise is essential.
  • Great powers of persuasion and presentation.
  • Audience development and subscription strategies experience.


Please make sure you have a fully completed profile on our site, plus uploading your latest CV. Apply here and then send me an excellent cover letter asap this week making sure you’ve got the most important boxes checked to be right for this role: You’re a senior leader with journalistic experience, perfectly positioned to be the Chief Content Officer of a powerful new venture with an important social mission.

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